Anderson & Fulmer - Small sample or legit struggles? (Baseball Prospectus)

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    One of Baseball Prospectus' prospect guys shined some light on guys having struggles in the early part of the minor league season. Unfortunately, two of them were our very own. Here's their excerpts:

    Tim Anderson, SS, Chicago White Sox

    2016 stats: .250/.275/.284, 0 HR, 3 BB, 25 K, 4 SB

    Why you should be concerned: Anderson’s talent is unquestioned. He’s a double-plus runner who can square up pitches on any part of the plate and make loud contract to every part of the field. What can be questioned, however, is whether or not the approach will allow him to maximize those gifts. That 8.3 strikeout-to-walk ratio is less than ideal, especially when your slugging percentage is a bad on-base percentage.

    Scout take: “I don’t think there’s a more athletic shortstop that I’ve seen in the last couple of years, but man, that approach is rough. He doesn’t appear to recognize any secondary pitches, and when he does make contact with them, it’s pretty weak. The speed and defense make him really intriguing, and I love the BP, but goodness gracious he’s gotta get better mentally at the plate if he’s going to be a first-division guy.”

    Carson Fulmer, RHP, Chicago White Sox

    2016 stats: 5.47 ERA, 24.2 IP, 21 H, 11 BB, 17 K.

    Why you should be concerned: I’ll be honest, I’ve been the low man on Fulmer since he was a prep, and so far as a professional, I haven’t seen anything that suggests I should stop. Yes the stuff is electric, and the ceiling is obviously high. That floor, however, is scary low.

    Scouts take: “There’s just a lot more going against him than people seem to think. He’s small, he has a ton of effort in his delivery, and like we talked about with Newcomb, there’s just no chance he can be efficient pitching the way he does. If you moved him to the bullpen he’d be the best relief pitching prospect in baseball. As a starter, I see the type of guy who is going to thrill you one start and make you slam your head the next.”

    Full article (sub required):
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    Anderson is a little concerning because of the 3 BB. In fact, he only just drew his first walk a few days ago so maybe he's learning to be patient? It's a shame because SS is an open door.

    Fulmer may have been overhyped but his struggles are more apparent because of the 5th starter on the big club. My prediction of late-June call up looks pretty dire. Cooplfixem?
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    So, Gavin Floyd in-waiting?
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    Nothing revolutionary about either guy. That's been the report on both of them for awhile. They obviously should have mentioned Anderson's wrist injury to start the year. He's bounced back by hitting .310 over the last 10 games coming into today.

    "If you moved him to the bullpen he’d be the best relief pitching prospect in baseball" because he has phenomenal stuff is hardly damning. They're going to give him every chance to make it as a starter, despite the obvious shortcomings. Kinda like they did with a certain lefthanded ace with a four-letter name.
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