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    The comment about lack of depth after the top 15 made me laugh. What system clearly has more depth than the White Sox?
  3. maurice

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    Low-level guys in specific other systems get a ratings boost simply because they play for a writer's favorite team. For the same reason, Rutherford and Cease probably dropped simply because they were traded from extremely popular clubs to a team with no fans. It's a joke, which is why I focus more on tiers, waves, and determining who ISN'T a legit prospect.
  4. maurice

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    At least 31 guys with a 2017 MLB Pipeline grade of 45+ still in the system:
    Collins - C
    Skoug - C
    Gillespie - 1B
    Sheets - 1B
    Rodon - SS
    Burger - 3B
    Nunez - IF
    Jimenez - OF
    Robert - OF
    Rutherford - OF
    Cordell - OF
    Basabe - CF
    Adolfo - RF
    Fisher - OF
    Call - OF
    Tilson - CF
    Palka - OF
    Kopech - RHP
    Hansen - RHP
    Cease - RHP
    Dunning - RHP
    Adams - RHP
    Burdi - RHP
    Stephens - RHP
    Vieira - RHP
    Guerrero - LHP
    Clarkin - LHP
    Puckett - RHP
    Martinez - RHP
    Bummer - LHP
    Florez - LHP

    No depth tho.
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  5. y2chae

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    Highly doubt more than 3 other systems have that kind of depth.
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  6. maurice

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    List doesn't even include the guys who should get 45+ grades for the first time this year (Zavala, Sosa, Hamilton, etc.).
  7. whitesox901

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    Team sux, I guess
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    How does this compare to other organizations?
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    Has Eloy always been slated higher than Kopech?
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  14. maurice

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    Tatis at #9. Sad. Worst deal eva. Bigly.
    Indeed, Rutherford went from 36 at mid-season to not rated, and Cease went from 83 to not rated. If they hadn't been traded, they'd still both be top 100. Robert dropped from 45 to 58, even though guys in front of him graduated.

    Where's Handar when you need him?
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  15. maurice

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    Pipeline Top 100

    4. Jimenez
    10. Kopech
    28. Robert
    54. Hansen
    61. Cease
    92. Dunning
    99. Rutherford

    Collins, Burger, Adolfo, and some other guys should be rated similarly to Rutherford at this point. "No depth" tho.
  16. maurice

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    BP Top 100

    4. Jimenez
    17. Kopech
    40. Hansen
    47. Cease
    55. Robert
    84. Burger
    89. Dunning
    90. Rutherford
  17. y2chae

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    Eloy is 6 in BP, those bastards

    Fangraphs also released their list

    6. Eloy
    20 Kopech
    21 Robert
    72 Hansen
    89 Burdi
    91 Collins

    Dunning was 'under consideration'.

    List seems a little suspect.
  18. maurice

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    Saw the Fangraphs list and decided not to post it because it's shady AF.

    Kopech arguably is the top pitching prospect in baseball right now. BP's rating for him was too low. Anything lower than that is really dumb. Hansen at 72 is ridiculous.

    On the flip side, everybody likes Burdi's future, but he's a RP who just had Tommy John. That puts him WAY behind Hansen and also behind Dunning and Cease.

    Collins seems to be in the 90-150 range because his contact rate and glove are still questionable. We'll know more midseason. If he hits .280 at AA with average defense, he rockets up to the top 30 or 40.
  19. Unregistered

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    Collins hasn't hit .280 anywhere he's played in the minors, so if he starts now, I'm all for it.
  20. maurice

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    Sickels' Sox Top 20:

    He acknowledges something I've been saying for awhile: While MLB relievers usually are starters who failed, the Sox have sooo much SP depth that the bullpen will end up containing multiple guys who were actually successful SP and who would start in most other orgs. Even if half of the current SP prospects bust, you still have like 2 rotations worth of guys, plus a whole 'nother wave of guys from the 2017-19 drafts.
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  21. y2chae

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    Only thing the system really lacks is in middle infield and LHP. Really strong everywhere else.
  22. maurice

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    11. Zack Burdi RHP
    12. Spencer Adams RHP
    13. Carson Fulmer RHP
    14. Luis Gonzalez OF
    15. AJ Puckett RHP
    16. Jordan Stephens RHP
    17. Micker Adolfo OF
    18. Luis Alexander Basabe OF
    19. Lincoln Henzman RHP
    20. Thyago Vieira RHP
    21. Alex Call OF
    22. Ian Clarkin LHP
    23. Ian Hamilton RHP
    24. Tyler Johnson RHP
    25. Jordan Guerrero LHP
    26. Bernardo Flores LHP
    27. Tito Polo OF
    28. Lenyn Sosa SS
    29. Seby Zavala C
    30. Connor Walsh RHP
    31. Yeyson Yrizarri SS

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