Baseball Prospectus 2015 Top 10 Prospects

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    #1 Tim A. :smug:
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    Anyone know how the farm system stacks up as a whole?
    Is it TA, Rodon, and a bunch of schlubs named Royce Ring?

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    Danish is a legit prospect. I'm guessing Montas at least has a chance to be a really good bullpen arm. Hawkins has a high ceiling.
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    Is it odd that Micah Johnson is that low on the list? I haven't been following Sox prospects closely as of late...
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    Does Hawkins project to like maybe BJ Upton in 2011? Low BA, average OBP, some power, maybe not as much speed?
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    Most prospect lists are based on ceiling. A guy with some speed and a good chance to stick at 2B in MLB (Johnson, Sanchez) has a lower ceiling than a pitcher with a big arm or even a guy with a shitton of tools who may never hit for average. After all, a 2B is just a guy who isn't good enough defensively to play SS at the MLB level, and who perhaps doesn't have the arm to play 3B or CF.

    That being said, there is an excellent chance that Anderson isn't good enough to play MLB SS. But scouts have been raving about his other tools, and he has been very successful for his age / general lack of baseball experience.

    Hawkins has done everything but consistently hit for average. He even manages to drive in really a lot of runs while striking out at an absurd rate. Of course the Sox don't have the best track record developing this sort of player.
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    SOX are 12th on Keith Law's organization prospect rankings for the year. Not bad from being bottom 5 2 years ago.

    No link, it's on Insider, just read elsewhere.
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