Chicago White Sox (PECOTA Projections)

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  1. FedEx

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    As of today (February 7, 2018):

    White Sox projected to go 73-89, good for 3rd (!) in the AL Central.

    Top Players:

    • Jose Abreu: .289/.348/.504, 29 HR, 96 RBI
    • Yoan Moncada: .233/.330/.410, 20 HR, 62 RBI
    • Tim Anderson: .265/.289/.408, 16 HR, 62 RBI
    • Matt Davidson: .216/.286/.406, 18 HR, 58 RBI

    Lineup (WARP):

    • Welington Castillo: 0.9
    • Jose Abreu: 3.1
    • Yoan Moncada: 2.1
    • Yolmer Sanchez: 0.4
    • Tim Anderson: 0.4
    • Leury Garcia: 0.0
    • Adam Engel: 0.1
    • Avisail Garcia: 1.6
    • Matt Davidson: -0.4

    Rotation (WARP):

    • Carlos Rodon: 2.3
    • James Shields: -0.7
    • Lucas Giolito: 1.3
    • Miguel Gonzalez: -0.4
    • Reynaldo Lopez: 0.3

    Big game James is projected for a 5.42 ERA, perfect for acquiring another high draft pick.
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    Tatis Jr.

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  3. Stockdale4Veep

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    Shields opening day?
  4. FedEx

    FedEx Delivers

    I think you'd want to align Shields so that he doesn't start the home opener as that could be a brutal way to start your home schedule.

    I'm conflicted. As much as I want Shields to realize he sucks and just retire or something (why would he do this instead of getting paid...) I love how valuable he is to a rebuilding team. His ability to suck so fucking hard really helps us get top tier draft picks.
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  5. y2chae

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    Hopefully they just decide to toss Giolito out there for opening day.
  6. y2chae

    y2chae Panda

    Fulmer will likely be Rodon's replacement in the rotation to start the season. He finished the season strong:


    The 9/21 start was cut short by injury.

    Also Hahn has said Fulmer was dealing with some difficult off the field stuff that he wouldn't specify. Anderson had to deal with his best friend getting murdered. These guys are human. Hopefully their minds are clear now and can realize their potential.
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  7. IWMB

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    Rodon projected to make 23 starts?

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  8. Unregistered

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    Yeah that whole Anderson’s best friend getting murdered thing was sorta swept under the rug (probably mainly due to :yeesh : haps), but the dude was severely effected by it enough to where he finally got therapy at some point later in the season and saw almost immediate results in his stats. So hopefully his 2018 is reflective of that.

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