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Discussion in 'Sports Haps' started by IWMB, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. SABRSox

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    Was the reason Beasley was playing yesterday solely because of squad rotation? I don't understand why he's on the team still. He's 35.
  2. y2chae

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    Also Geoff Cameron is a Bengazhi truther

  3. y2chae

    y2chae Panda

    No idea. Villafana should've started. Or maybe even Fabian Johnson. Or I don't know, call in another younger fullback like Greg Garza or Eric Lichaj.

    He also retired after the World Cup but Jurgen convinced him to come out of retirement for the Gold Cup and has been in the mix since.
  4. IWMB

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    Rumors out that the Fire might be in on Kuba Blaszczykowski. Holy shit, they're really going for it.
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  5. Cheeses

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  6. y2chae

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    Sycked brought up him to me today with no context and I thought he meant LFC was looking at him so I said "he's old and not that good anymore".

    Would be excellent for the Fire

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