*Game 13 - SOX @ Yankees II - 4/18/16* 6:05 - ??

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    Mini Miggy.
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    Team doesn't suck?
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    I forget, what's the story behind this pic?
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    Jose Quintana was on Jimmy Fallon last night?
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    Hit the damn GIS jackpot for like "good times" or something like that. Made a gif.
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    “I saw an article recently about whether we’d stick to our (rebuilding) plan if, in fact, we continued to win,” general manager Rick Hahn said. “I think we were 6-5 at the time. We were 23-10 last year, remember? Let’s give this thing a little time to unfold. Look, we’re committed to having a long-term view of what we’re trying to accomplish here. If, for whatever reason, various unexpected opportunities present themselves over the course of the summer, we’ll respond accordingly. But, right now, we remain focused on building something sustainable for the long term.”

    A general manager pleading with the media for patience for his team to start losing is a new one.
    But that’s baseball. There’s always something a little strange, and sometimes a lot.

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    It would be such a Sox thing for them to for no good reason get career years out of a bunch of randos and find themselves in contention at the All-Star break.
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    You know Kenny is already thinking about what they could get for Moncada. He had to usually settle for someone that used to be very good, but now he could get someone that used to be great.
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    Also if the team hovers around .500, that's not a contending team. It's a mediocre team that almost certainly won't make the playoffs. More reason to tear it down some more and get a better draft pick.

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