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    Take it for what it's worth but Renteria on Rodon's rehab start:

    ''Another start last night. He went 4 1-3, 93 pitches. Actually, in talking to everybody, he threw pretty well. Had a couple miscues in the field that were probably limited his outing. He felt good, pain-free, we're very happy with that. According to the reports, the slider was working very well. He's on track to come on back,'' Renteria said.
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    Yeah his stats haven't been good, but we need to keep in mind the guy barely had a spring training.

    He also struck out 6 out of 8 hitters at one point and I'm hearing the defense was shit behind him, not getting to balls they should've, stuff that doesn't reflect in a box score.
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    Minaya back up, Infante down.

    Rodon will start Wednesday, requiring another move.

    Putnam had Tommy John. He turns 30 in a week.
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    Saladino is tearing it up in AAA on rehab assignment. I guess they'll have to make room for him soon.
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    Petricka started his rehab assignment with Charlotte. 2 scoreless IP today.

    Tampa released Danny Farquhar, who was signed by the Sox and assigned to Charlotte.
    Ah, Cooplfxm haps!
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