United Football League?

Discussion in 'Sports Haps' started by High Mileage, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. High Mileage

    High Mileage The Only Living Royals Fan

    Has anybody heard about this? I just heard about it on Sporting News Radio. It's new 4 team league.

    They will begin play in October, and play on Thursday and Friday nights. The league was founded by William Hambrecht, a Wall Street investor and former minority partner in the Oakland Invaders of the defunct United States Football League; and Tim Armstrong, a former senior executive at Google, now chairman and CEO of AOL. There's definitely some money behind the league, but that hasn't mattered in the past. Mark Cuban was involved with the league early in its development and was mentioned as a potential owner; though he has no involvement with the 2009 season, he is expected to join the league in 2010 or 2011.

    The 2009 teams are Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, and San Francisco. In 2010, two more teams will be added, Hartford and Los Angeles.

    Las Vegas will play 3 games at Sam Boyd Stadium, and one in Los Angeles at the Coliseum.
    New York will play 3 games at the Mets new park, Citi Field, and one in Hartford, Connecticut.
    Orlando will play their games at the Citrus Bowl.
    San Francisco will play their games at the Giants stadium, AT&T Park.

    Obviously other leagues have failed (XFL, USFL, CFL in the States, etc.), but this could be interesting. They have some big coaching names already: Jim Fassel, Dennis Green, Ted Cottrell, and Jim Haslett.

  2. Yoda

    Yoda Eater of a 1000 Gyros

    I thought I know who Dennis Green was, and I let him off the hook.
  3. Zoso

    Zoso *autistic screeching*

    I don't know if a few mediocre NFL coaches qualify as big names.

    The thought of an alternate elite-level league is just depressing. The NFL is also the most profitable, best run monster of all the big sporting leagues. Even though the toolish, ex-pro announcers use the word "football" all the time while making hand gestures, and you constantly hear buzz words like "indisputable," and any important play is subject to technology and semantics, and parking lots are filled with meatheads, bag-throwers, and fat fucks in orange Urlacher jerseys, it's officially America's unfortunate pastime, like it or lump it. Thus it is foolish to try to smite them or even take a chunk out of their till.

    God, I really hate the NFL honestly. But I likes getting up and watching that shit at noon on a Sunday.

    Anyway, dumb rant over.
  4. High Mileage

    High Mileage The Only Living Royals Fan

    I wonder if this league will allow celebrations and things of that nature...?
  5. whitesox901

    whitesox901 Banjo and Kazui's great adventure

    Im kind of in your boat, I like the sport of football, Love Da Bears, hate the NFL
  6. IWMB

    IWMB Resident Umpire

    I like the NFL. Not even close to how much I like MLB or NHL, but it's aight.
  7. y2chae

    y2chae Panda

    Finally a pro league Tim Tebow can play QB in!
  8. chops

    chops never met prope

    I wonder what their goal is? besides to make money.

    Do they want to be merged with the NFL eventually like the AFL did?

    Only 4 games and 4 teams?

    Gotta start out with more than that. Put teams in Portland, maybe San Antonio, other untapped markets.

    And go after NFL type players, not just busts and has beens.

    chips added 3 Minutes and 15 Seconds later...

    They also need some more midwest markets.

    What about Des Moines or OKC, Omaha, etc.

    Too much West Coast/East Coast
  9. Retarded Ox

    Retarded Ox I wish Quaye would hug me.

    When are you starting a United Football MVP watch:shrug:
  10. y2chae

    y2chae Panda

    Yeah, San Fran is an odd choice to say the least, why not San Jose? And why does New York need a third pro football team? Way too much competition in those markets. Take over some strong AFL markets too. Four teams is a bit low, talk about lack of competition. What kind of pride can you take away from winning a four team league? I'd at least go with eight teams and put teams in:

    Salt Lake City/Utah
    San Antonio
    San Jose

    And give consideration to Portland, OK City, Louisville
  11. High Mileage

    High Mileage The Only Living Royals Fan

    Perhaps they are banking on the 49ers moving out of San Francisco, which is very likely. They are being smart, both the XFL and USFL dove in head first and lost a ton of money...
  12. Prope

    Prope RIP soxwon

    Sounds to me like the founders of the league need to show a loss on the tax return
  13. High Mileage

    High Mileage The Only Living Royals Fan

  14. s=D

    s=D Message Board Historian

  15. IWMB

    IWMB Resident Umpire

    United Rugby Football League?
  16. s=D

    s=D Message Board Historian

    Ultimate :fagot: lovers
  17. y2chae

    y2chae Panda

    uRFl sounds about right

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